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Poseidon Maritime has offered the Aquarius, but the company is unable to sign new contracts with Petrobras

Sugarcane Biomass Is Exported to the UK

Embarked at the Port of Paranaguá, the product will be used to generate thermoelectric energy

Embarked at the Port of Paranaguá, the product will be used to generate thermoelectric energy
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Jan 20, 2021 - Petrobras IR

Petrobras, regarding the news published in the media on the divestments progress of the refineries, clarifies: (i) the company has received a binding proposal for the sale of Alberto Pasqualini Refinery (REFAP), in Rio Grande do Sul, and is in the negotiation phase with Ultrapar Participações S.A.; (ii) the company has received binding proposals for the sale of Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery (REPAR), in Paraná, and is in the phase of analyzing the proposals; (iii) the company is awaiting final offers from all participants in the sale process of Landulpho Alves Refinery (RLAM), in Bahia, based on negotiated versions of contracts with Mubadala Investment Company; (iv) the company has received binding offers and is in the negotiation phase for the sale of Isaac Sabbá Refinery (REMAN), in Amazonas, Lubrificantes e Derivados de Petróleo do Nordeste (LUBNOR), in Ceará, and Shale Industrialization Unit (SIX), in Paraná; (v) the company expects to receive the binding offers for the sale of Abreu e Lima Refinery (RNEST), in Pernambuco, and Gabriel Passos Refinery (REGAP), in Minas Gerais, in the first quarter of this year.

Jan 20, 2021 - Reuters

Representatives of fuel suppliers to Venezuela, importers of Venezuelan oil and advocacy groups said this month they plan to press the incoming administration of U.S. President Joe Biden to reverse a ban on crude-for-diesel swaps. The Trump administration since the last quarter of 2020 barred companies from sending Venezuela diesel in exchange for crude. Those deals were exempted for more than a year from sanctions on state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA, aimed at ousting President Nicolas Maduro, who has overseen an economic collapse.

Jan 20, 2021 - Renewables Now

Brazilian renewable energy company Essentia Energia is planning to build a wind complex in Bahia state for a total cost of R$ 2.3 billion (US$ 434.5m), the local government announced last week. Named Ventos de Sao Vitor, the wind power complex will be located in the municipalities of Xique-Xique and Itaguacu da Bahia. Essentia Energia has already begun civil works and expects power supply to commence in the second quarter of 2022, while full commissioning is set for the first quarter of the following year.

Jan 20, 2021 - North Wales Pioneer

PetroStrat, which provides stratigraphic subsurface services, has acquired RPS Energy Ltd's assets and staff including 17 geological experts and an R&D laboratory and offices in Northwich. The move means that the Parc Caer Seion company will have more than 100 staff and 62 geological experts, becoming one of the largest knowledge bases of its kind in the industry. It is part of the company's plan to broaden its client base in countries including Brazil, Canada, the USA and West Africa and industry areas such as decommissioning and risk management, wind farm engineering and carbon capture and storage.